Dienstag, 30. Oktober 2007


There are things you do when you are young and you should quit them when you grow older: like wearing shorts or smoking, for example. Another thing is using the palestinese scarf. I had one, black-and-white and I wore it because of two reasons: everybody did and adults seemed to be contrary. This was when I went to school.
Growing older and going to designer college I changed that desert-designed piece of textile with other scarfs and growing more older I started to wonder what on earth drove me to wear it on peace demontrations - because palestine people are role models in the peace movement? Not so.
Why am I talking about this? We all know that germans are no fashion movers, even if they try hard. Berlin is a wonderful city, but it's not New York, so just grow up: stop ripping off their webdesign and you know, a palistinese scarf is not a fashion accessoir, even if you call it "egyptian".

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