Freitag, 25. Januar 2008

What kind of superhero are you?

I am "shy, intelligent, loving, have great willpower, and have a good sense of humor." I think this describes me very well - my superhero personality is Spiderman/Peter Parker.

So, this weekend I am going to watch out for atomic spiders..

Take the test! Which superhero are you?

Have a good Friday and a better weekend, Belle

Freitag, 18. Januar 2008


Each evening two women that live 3191 miles apart make a photo.
They put it together and form something I would call a Picture-Haiku (even if the third line is missing, but it’s ok). It’s visual poetry, every day new, different, there for you.
Follow it!

Have a good Friday and a better weekend, Belle

Freitag, 11. Januar 2008

Type in you life

Some days ago I came across this little film:

and I thought how wonderful it was that I wanted to share it with you.

Then I made my own experiment. One day, Wednesday 9th of January: I took photos of all significant (for me) type.
Here it is.

Actually this is all my day, from waking up to having breakfast, going to work, lunch, work again and home again. This wednesday was very busy, nearly only work and eat. It's not always like this. :-)

A day in Type

Click here for better descriptions of single pictures.

Have a good friday and a better weekend, Belle

Freitag, 4. Januar 2008

New Year

So, what about a new Year’s resolution? Do you have your one special list?

I made my first serious list of resolutions 31st of December 2006 and it had three points: Quit smoking, exercise, read better books.
About quitting smoking I thought a long long time. It is so easy to say and think when the actual quitting day is still far. I had already tried and started smoking again, so I knew this would be going to be hard. But this time I had a good start. A friend of mine had quit some months earlier and she was doing fine. So I thought “hey, I can do this, too”.
The real turning point was when my flat mate suddenly got pregnant. She wasn’t able to quit smoking completely (and even found a doctor who told her up to 5 cigarettes a day were ok), and a lot of people around her felt to tell her what would be better for her and her baby. I saw her suffering the fact that everybody took the right to judge her and secretly I did the same. “What if you had to quit smoking one day to the other?” my inner self asked me, “it’s so easy judging her while you still have the cigarette in your hand. Try by yourself and see what she is going through.”
And so I did, I smoked my last cigarette the 6th of January 2007 and never smoked one again.

The effects were amazing. The best thing was a real positive boost for my ego. After some months not smoking I felt as if I had accomplished something really great. I had won. And I knew that I could do everything I wanted. I put other things on my list and started doing them, it really was a great year for me, and everything started with a New Year’s resolutions list.
So, take some time, sit down and think about what you want from your life, for yourself, for others. Think, too, about what you are willing to give. Believe me, this will be a great year!

Some people can really take it far,get inspired here.
Join us fo a great 2008!