Freitag, 21. März 2008

It's ufficial! It's Spring!

I know it might sound silly, but I think it was natures best invention to let winter be followed by spring. I welcome every season and specially love autumn, but nothing opens your heart like spring after the dark and cold winter. After all the whites, grays and browns I welcome back yellow, rose and a bright blue sky.
In Italy a lot of flowers and trees do their best to bloom, but still they are behind my desires. So I really welcomed this new exhibition at the Moma, that everybody can see thanks to Internet and thanks to the generosity of the Moma (hey, European museums! I am talking to YOU!).

Go and see this wonderful exhibition you don't even need to go to New York.

I am in love with this: I need to try it in my house! ;-) ha! Ha!

Even the news come in color, that doesn't make them any better, but well, brighter!

I have tested this site for a week in its italian and german version and I have seen that they use quiet different sources from left to right, so I think everybody can use it.

Speaking about colors.. I guess, i have to return to wear some orange, or, in this special case, dark red, which I actually prefer.

So, you all, have a good Friday and a better weekend (and Happy Easter for who is cristian). I have to go and hug some tree (and show my appreciation)! Belle

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