Freitag, 18. Juli 2008

Paper is good

Lately I was running my fingers through paper samples for a project at work. After considering thickness and the kind of finish I was searching for the whitest paper I could find. I said “I need paper which is as white as snow. No, even whiter if I can.” I am deeply in love with paper. I collect it, I keep it in stacks, little collections – my house is full with paper that I just love to have with me and don’t dare to use.
Others instead took the love of paper much farer and higher and create wonderful art with it, like Peter Callesen.

His art is so wonderfully special because he keeps the used papersheet visible.

Find more here.

Su Blackwell instead gets even farer: she animates the paper.

if you check out her homepage you can find a cool making-of for this spot - what an awesome work!

It's obvious, that I must at least make a little nod to Origami here… I just add the classic, the crane.

They are easier to make than it seems. Try one! You'll get hooked!

If you aren't about folding, maybe you should try coloring.
Pixo’s 10,000 page colouring book is already over 600 pages long.

He explains these beautiful line drawings are part of a Buddhist exercise in emptiness, which adds a dimension of profundity to the project.

For my project at work I found a wonderful "extra white" paper, which was so great to touch and to look at. Unfortunately this paper was too expensive for the purpose and I had to waive it. But I still dream of it.

Have a good Friday and a better weekend, Belle

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