Freitag, 20. März 2009

It's Friday! You made it, the working week is over. Nearly.. only some other hours to pull. Anyway, I think, since we were all so brave hard working bees this week (I was!), we should celebrate its end, yay!

So, then, I am thinking of dedicating this weekend on spring-cleaning, some sort of it.. I have the urgent need to throw stuff away.
Spring officially starts saturday (hey, Australians; you can start to prepare for autumn)... after this long winter it is a pleasure to be outside and enjoy the sun and frankly, I have no idea how people can go skiing now. :-)
Anyway, since I can open now all windows and get rid of dust and clutter, I can bring in some harmony. All of us already heard about Feng Shui, which is certainly cool but too esoteric for me, but Punk Fui was new to me.

In Punk Fui, like in Feng Shui, decorating is dictated by common sense. The first principle is you should always feel comfortable in your home. It should be a place you love to be. Whatever you need to do to achieve this will create sheng chi. Tsia Carson

Punk Fui will surely do it for me!

The one thing no one will ever be able to throw away is a book.
So, these little companions pile up everywhere, in shelves, next to the bed and on tables and I started to move the piles from one place to the other like tetris blocks, which is a way to remodel your house but doesn't really solve the problem. I was already very, very brave to bring all my old magazines to recycling, but books? Eh-eh, nah, forget it.

See Kylie Stillman's amazing work here.

After the work and the cleaning there should be some play and relax. Regular readers of my blog know that I love super-heroes, so I was superhappy about the Hero Factory..

(now Wolverine will come and play with me?)
I had so much fun choosing my outfit and my weapon and totally agree on my given hero name, which in some way re assumes a skill I developed in the last years in my profession.
When I started as a small agency designer I was always baffled about how precise my boss' eye was. From a distance of a meter he could see the difference of one millimetre. Sceptical I thought he would just fake it and put him on a test... needless to say that he got it all right, owning himself the nickname "eagle-eye".
Recently I started to correct similar small distances, sometimes amazed and taking a ruler to check, but it seems as if you really get a precise eye just by training.

Can I get any geeker? Yes I can: love of type + Star Trek.
(attention: some disturbing type in there)

I am *so* looking forward to the next movie!

So, that's it for this week; I am off!
Have a good Friday and a better weekend, Belle

P.s. some serious stuff here, too. Even if the Italians swear that a glass of wine does wonders for your health and your heart, a million women cannot be wrong.
Ladies, take care.

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