Freitag, 27. März 2009

Airport weekend

This week is short for me; I am already off, probably sitting around in an airport or in a plane while you are reading this. I am going to see my folks, really looking forward to meet them. I phoned my parents and my siblings, everybody cannot wait to meet together again - it will be a 'massacre' of air miles, too much food, wine and laughter and I intend to enjoy it every minute.
So, I hope I can sweeten up your Friday a little bit. I start with this Flickrset from Jason Powell.

Images are made by finding old photographs of places, printing them out, and then holding the print up in the modern day location that the original photograph was taken.

I really loved this idea!

Meanwhile it needed more than 4500 still photographs to make this wonderful film. Is it a dream?

Another little film, but this time it is short. Just a minute. Just one take… and you’ll see Kill Bill 1&2 in a whole! (Awesomeness!)

Back to the weekend... I I weren't traveling I would probably try to assemble something like this.

It would be even more miniature and without a house, because I just have a small apartment, but hey, isn't it just plain wonderful?

If you can, do something artsy this weekend! :-)

So, it's the last march-weekend, bad weather should be over now for a while (come back here in september and you'll read my praise for rain). As nature has renewed itself by now, everyone (me included) feels the want of new, too (that is what fashion business is based upon). These ten women did one tiny new thing every day for a month... inspirational! I am thinking on several things I could do, but I guess I will be very happy if I can just go back on my running schedule (3 times a week). Sunday Summer time starts and with more sunlight I am quiet sure to go back to regular runner! ;-)

Just to finish this friday read this touching/wonderful Photo-Journal "Days with my father" from Philip Toledano.

Have a good friday and a better weekend, Belle
p.s. how much I liked "I will" - did you hear it?

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