Freitag, 3. April 2009

By the way, you look great today!

I tried it... it's true! I guess it was very funny to see while I made circles with my hand and my foot. I even tried to invert, like right foot and left hand, but I ended up only making a mirrored "6", haha! It's a funny thing to try with colleagues, they won't do any better, so after laughing do not forget make a compliment. Like these two guys.

Did you know? Paying someone a compliment can actually decrease your own level of anxiety, as Melissa points out.

I am absolutely digging architecture, funnily I rarely speak about it on the blog. I loved this, it's awesome.

Obviously you need a huge property for this kind of house, especially to keep away 'voyeurs'.

Then I have seen this on internet... it is very strange and I am not really sure what I should think about it, but I couldn't get my eyes off it, so judge by yourself.

On a positive message:

The oldest message in my cell phone memory is from 27th November 2004 - I should delete it, but every time I read it, I remember how important it is. I should frame it one day.

See here all the story.

Have a good Friday and a better weekend, Belle

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