Freitag, 17. April 2009

Hello, again

You probably guessed it last week that I am again in time shortage due to a very important dead-line at work. Monday was holiday and I couldn't work, so practically, I am packing 5 days in 4. Basically.
I don't know if you have ever been in that situation, but it happens to me, like 3 to 4 times a year that I only work and sleep. It sounds very hard but in fact it's easy. Anything else becomes irrelevant. Keep up with friends? Make dinner? Go to pay bills? Irrelevant. I have my focus straight on the screen, I feel like a borg-drone, I am second-of-four. My cubicle is my home and I have double daily calories income on kit-kat.
Luckily this are moments that last maximum 10 days, then slowly I come back to real life. Thankfully my BF backs me up in these weeks, so I don't need to fear that the energy company switches off the light due to unpaid bills.

Anyway, I have just two gems for you.

The Different Kinds of People That There Are.
I loved it. You know these people. I know a lot of this kind:

People Who Don't Believe in Evolution but Love Antibiotics

People Who Let Their Cat Walk Across Their Kitchen Cutting-Board, Even Though Those Are the Same Fucking Paws That Have Been Tramping Around That Shit-Filled Cat Box and I Don't See a Kitty Foot-Washing Station Around Here, Do You?

And then there is this person who gets your luggage on airport auctions. And tries to find the owner. It's beautiful (and by the way - you can come up with a lot of weird stories just by looking at somebody's clothes.)!

(is this a real nurses uniform? I don't think so...)

Hope you have a good Friday and a better weekend! See you next Friday, Belle

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