Freitag, 8. Mai 2009

It is Star Trek Day

It's useless to deny it, this week I counted the days until today.
it's been a long time that I haven't felt so much anticipation for a movie.

I have seen the trailer this wednesday in cinema waiting for the main movie (Wolverine) to begin and I was completely enthusiastic for the richness of this movie. That is what cinemas were made for: galactic battles, explosions and men that look significantly in each other's eyes. Wow. I am not certain if I can see it today, but this weekend for sure.

If you are not too much in galactic battles, just remember, is there any place more romantic than space? With all the stars around you? Aaaw!

Parallelostory from impactist on Vimeo.

So, just to completely change subject, here something to laugh at gender roles:

See the whole hilarious book at Emily's blog. She writes: "I love gender roles. I really do. But I just know that this would be like, a lawsuit on every page." Fortunately it is just plain funny (for us; for others it is still bloody reality). Though, I must say, I really relate to that reading girl... if boys what to make things comfortable, just go ahead. Since you're at it, could you fix me a drink, sweetie?

Have a good Friday, a better weekend, live long & prosper! Belle

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