Freitag, 1. Mai 2009

First of May

Recently I had some “first times”, which is something that happens as lesser as you age. So I try always to mentally take note every time I have a “first-timer”: first time I had a drink in a mirror-bar (which is mind-blowing); first time I wrote something similar to a “last will” which turned out mind blowing, too, but in a very funny way; first time I told a friend to make her mistakes and not to marry them (she appreciated it, very).
I noticed that every time I do something new it gives me a little happy kick – like the kick I had when I realized that I really ride the bike without safety wheels (do you remember that moment?).

Wednesday I went to a party, which isn’t actually something I did for the first time, but not since a long, long, looong time. And in the middle of the week! :-o How dare you? I got there directly after work without changing and you could divide the party in people like me and people that had the time to change. Lights were low, drinks were free, so I didn’t matter a lot. I wouldn’t have gone, if it weren’t for a good friend and I intended to go home early – but then, against all odds, I had the time of the month. It was amazing! I found myself 10 years younger, talking, laughing, flirting; I was so happy people asked me “Belle, are you drunk??” – I swear I just had lemonade (a first-timer, too).
I left among the last (midnight… everyone was very responsible, times are hard) and when I came home I found the first issue of “wired” – Italian edition. (And I thought they had lost my subscription; I should trust the world more.)
I flipped through it completely, knowing the next morning I would deeply regret it; but hey, never let a “first time” pass unused.

Firekites - AUTUMN STORY - chalk animation from Lucinda Schreiber on Vimeo.

Sitting here and taking the time to write to you out there, where ever / who ever you are, is something that I do hoping it will make at least one person smile and feel better than before. I have a lot of these moments during the day, mood shifts, up and down, so I opt for the up. Unfortunately >up< is much harder than >down<, so this blog is like a little mental gym for me.
I found, that the general "red alert" feeling around me (justified or not) takes (not to say 'sucks') a lot of energy from me, so I found this very helpful.

Leonie Allan made this great poster for free download.
"Work disconnected"?? I wished I could! I tried it several times for 2x3h shifts, but the telephone always gets me. I should insist more. ;-)

Weekend is here, I am already in it - first of may is Holiday.
Don't you dare to use the first may weekend for cleaning the house. Go out and get some pollen! ;-)

Have a good friday and a better weekend, Belle

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