Freitag, 8. Februar 2008

Rose period

So Valentine is coming and you are still thinking about what you should do? Nothing in mind? Keep it simple! Let me say it with your mother's words: the important thing is that it comes from your heart. Really.
So the first thing to do is sit down, relax and think about what you love about your sweetheart, what made you fall in love. Think about how you met.

So, I am sure, you already know what you want to say/give to your sweetheart, right? ;-) Aw, I knew it.

Next: the Card. You hate all the sugarcoated cards that you can buy? So right. Try making one by yourself! This is surely a wonderful way to say "I heart You".

Second: Sweets! This is a tricky one: a lot of Girls love sweets but are on an endless diet. Invest in really, really good chocolate and buy less. Every bite will be a trip to heaven!

Your sweetheart is not a sweet tooth? Skip the chocolate and go for his/her favourit meal. Include the dishwashing in your treat.

Third: Flowers. No doubt, essential. Stay away from roses, they are just cheesy and overrated. More else get some flowers your sweetheart likes or a plant - it will live longer!

Help! I am single! I Hate Valentine!
Being Single at Valentines is hart, I know. But whoever thinks that Valentine is only for couples is wrong: love is everywhere - spread it.
Your Mom will be overwhelmed when she gets your Valentine, have a sister, a brother? When was the last time you told them that you really really love them?
Men: yeah I know, do it in a manly way, it's ok.
Women: you know what you should do :-)

So, have a good Friday and a better weekend, Belle

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