Donnerstag, 17. April 2008

This weekend try the bohemian life!

Did you miss me last week? Nobody complained… ;-)
I went for a weekend-trip to Germany to see my parents and family, was great, but I couldn’t send you a FiF-post, I am sorry! So, but this weekend you will *so* thank me. I don’t know how about you, but my last’s week two days off turned into a work overkill this week and I will really need to relax and do something creative. It’s hard to be creative on demand, at least for me.

"You can't help but remember what Faulkner is alleged to have said when asked whether he wrote daily or only when the inspiration hit him. It's said he replied that he wrote only when the inspiration came, but that he made sure it came every morning at ten o'clock sharp when he sat down at his desk." –Rick Bass

Every time I lack in inspiration I pretend to be French. I don’t know why it works, but it does, amazingly I even draw better when I pretend to be a French art student. And, to say, I don’t even speak French.

So to get you in the mood I have this little musical gem for you: lean back, enjoy and dream.

Feeling already more bohemian?? Me for sure! I want to dress some striped shirt, go back smoking French cigarettes and drink a glass of cidre. No kidding, B U T I feel much more stimulated to create something.

It’s about more than a year that I secretly dream about owning a Pinhole camera, I even had a Pinhole kit on my official Christmas list, but nothing, I am still without. But sometimes life just lets you wait to give you things for free.

The good guys at Corbis made Pinhole camera sets for FREE!
AND they are cool!

So, this weekend you know what to do: connect with your creative side, make a pinhole, go for a walk and shoot some old-fashioned film!

Have a good Friday and a better weekend, Belle
p.s. I am posting this on Thursday, because guess what? Tomorrow I am busy! ;-)

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