Donnerstag, 24. April 2008

I am talking about type again

I once heard an American surfing champion talking in a local German radio show and the dj asked him what he liked about Germany and what was the main difference with his home country. The surfer said:
In my country I wake up, take a look outside the window and think “wow, it’s the perfect day to go surfing”. In Germany one wakes up, takes a look outside and thinks “wow, it’s the perfect day to print some bibles!”

I loved it. It’s so true. Maybe, if in Germany there would be lesser rainy days, Gutenberg would have gone for a walk instead of inventing the letterpress. Where would we be without his invention? I don’t know. But I am deeply convinced that to teach somebody to read is one of the biggest gift you can give. Everything else you can learn by reading (more or less, but this is the concept). Anyway, I wanted to talk about Gutenberg, because I was born and raised near to Mainz, his home city. The BBC made a beautiful documentary about him and his invention, starring Stephen Fry.
Here the first part (of six).

I am always amazed how profound the type-cosmos is and how much knowledge is spinning around these tiny little letters, that are, yes, images, too!

Here is more.

And to end this week in beauty – get some new fonts. And I mean really beautiful fonts.

Have a good end of the week and a better weekend, Belle
(Friday is Holiday in Italy, it’s Liberation Day)

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