Freitag, 2. Mai 2008

May has come

Just to start off the new shiny month, you may want some change, something new. I found this series of great calendar wallpapers, here my personal favorite.

I was always thinking of creating one by myself, and ta-tah! Here it is!

Click here to download.

Yesterday was Labor Day in Italy (and Germany, too), which is traditionally a day you don’t work. That’s a cool working logic.
I had a wonderful lunch with friends and later we went to a park, see some green and get some sun. And at some point this relaxed atmosphere lead into a hot discussion about how taxes should be spend. This was interesting, because it remembered me that work doesn’t only pay my rent, but pays other things, too, regardless if I agree with it or not. Work produces stuff, that others pay for. It’s a huge global economic cycle you’ve probably already heard about and I don’t want you to bore you with my opinion about all that. But I would like to share with you this extraordinary site made by Annie Leonhard.
The story of stuff.

It made me think a lot and changed my shopping habits. Quiet happy about that! :-)

Have a good Friday (if you didn’t take this day off, as everybody except me) and a better weekend, Belle

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