Freitag, 20. Juni 2008

Today a little bit of everything

So, how was your week? I had a little bit of everything. Some good days, one bad day, and yesterday a wonderful evening in front of the tv watching the German national soccer team winning against the Portuguese.

This post, too, will have a little bit of everything, think of it as a small buffet and you just pick what you like.

I want to start with the mole. It is old Czechoslovakia cartoon movie from famous artist Zdenek Miler. The Mole was part of a very popular german children’s program which I saw every Sunday when I was a kid. Aw, nostalgia!

Are you one of these people that still have the sunblocker from this winter's ski-trip in your bag? Well, it works in summer too, so you are ok. I carry tons of things with me, that one day could be handy, in the meantime my handbag is similar to Mary Poppins handbag: you can find everything inside there.

In Italy, after a rainy rainy may and an awful june (until now) yesterday there has been the first summer day. Today weather forcast said we will have a hot day and I dressed accordingly, but the sky is in heavy clouds...
I start missing hot weather which makes the best background for ice-cream (I cannot eat ice-cream when it's cold) and walks in the night with the one you love, talking and melting away.

Have a good friday and a better weekend, Belle

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