Freitag, 29. August 2008

New Year

So, the holidays are over and I am back in the office. Are you?
Coming back from summer holidays is for me like starting a new year. Maybe this is caused by the fact that my school years started after summer and my mother bought new clothes, shoes, pencils and stuff and everything felt new. Every year I started with new resolutions like “this year I will memorize my latin verbs day by day and not the day before the exams” (didn’t work so good). So September felt like a new year, fresh start. And it still does: I still start with new resolutions (this time it’s not latin verbs, but equally annoying stuff), the urge to buy new clothes, shoes and above all pencils.
My desk gets dusted and I try to make the most possible clean start.
I started with a new Avatar: get yours at faceyourmanga. This site makes Avatars with a lot of features like piercings and tattoos, but as well the possibility to make your Avatar look older than 20 years, which a lot of us will appreciate. ;-)

Some weeks ago I was writing about seizing the day by doing something creative every day or on a very regular basis. This idea isn’t really new, Plinius the elder put it in these words: Nulla dies sine linea (no day without line). I am coming back on this subject because after my post I discovered two people who do the same, first is Julianna Parr. She has drawn/painted/collaged postcards since 1998. There is an on-line gallery that lets you browse all the cards and search them by keyword. Awesome! Fun!

Kyle T. Webster has started a daily figure drawing blog, which is outstanding.

I cannot look long enough at his drawings, maybe they are really the best possible realization of Plinius’ “line”.

Just to finish the week with something that made me already laugh out loud three times:

Here you go, geek font humor.

Have a good Friday and a better weekend, Belle

1.9.08 Update

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