Freitag, 20. Februar 2009

I guess February is the stupidest month of the year (next to November).

That may be a reason why it is so short and why mankind needed to insert Valentine in it. It is still winter, but you already had months of winter. It’s terrible cold but shops already sell summer fashion, so you long for warmth. Days are still short, but you cannot stand your sofa anymore, all you want is go out out out (without freezing, obviously).
While our personal world gets faster with every day (you remember analog modems?), you cannot hurry nature. Spring is in march. Period.
So, all we can do is wait. And while we are waiting, let’s try not to get winterblues (even if it is really justified in February).
Best way to fight the blues: dancing!

Ely Kim is a Student at Yale and confesses to love dancing. Now, I know it is a long video and the first minute may seem just funny, but Ely has some really cool moves.
And an awesome track list! Congratulations!

Second best way to fight winter blues
: dream of stylish places. I found this set from Tom Palumbo; Paris 1962.

Isn't it just perfect? You'll find all his set here and his personal hompage here, he has great photos!

Third: now use your energy and your imagination to change something. As a woman I tend to remodel the house, but it could be anything you like. If I am not wrong it is a good moment to do some garden work, too.

I wasn't really surprised, that my style is "Scandinavian Urban" - what is yours?

if you still have doubts how to active your creative self, take the test.

Ready to go?

Or make your own list.

Have a good Friday and a better weekend, Belle

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