Freitag, 30. November 2007

Fight Aids at home.

Or the Dengue Fever. Or unfold the human Proteome. How? It’s easy!
Go to the World Community Grid and download their Boinc Manager and this thing will download small portions of projects on your pc and work on it while you are surfing in internet (or working). Probably you will never notice because your pc has a high potential and you use it just to read your email or whatever else. Even my pc, which is quiet rusty and really working a lot has still some disk space I can dedicate to help out for a higher purpose.
The Community Grid helps teams of researches that need supercomputers. For example:
World Community Grid focused on a project key to advancing our knowledge of human disease. By identifying the proteins that make up the Human Proteome, scientists can build the understanding needed for novel and effective treatments for diseases like cancer, HIV/AIDS, SARS, and malaria.

To do so, it needed more than 26,645 years! Yes, years! But in reality they needed lesser than 2 years. Instead of keep thinking on superpc for 26000 years a lot of pcs thought only two years. Isn’t that great?
I am in the project for 3 weeks now and already accomplished several mini-projects, helping to fight aids, dengue fever and other things. Boy, it feels so good! You get this little sympatric window that shows you what your pc is doing and how far you got. It works even when you are offline or at lunch break (before I go to lunch break I put my preferences on 100% processor use – why shouldn’t my pc work while I am off?).

Think about it. Tomorrow is the World Aids Day and Christmas is coming. Get the good feeling of never saying “Yeah, but what can I do?” again!

Have a good Friday and a better weekend, Belle

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