Freitag, 26. September 2008

Just watch the sky

Years ago, when I was still at University, I was collaborating with a team, relaunching an old cinema. It was a painful job, everybody tried to come up with creative ideas, the owner didn’t really know what he wanted, money was lacking and time was lacking, too. After several months of presentations nothing was realized, but in the end they “paid” us with a huge designers party in that cinema. It was wonderful!
After several cocktails we were sitting in the cinema (which at that time was much more decadence, than this)watching old commercials from the 50ies and 60ies (were hilarious). I guess they just taped together every bit of whatever film/movie they had, ending with the newest music clips. And there it was: the first typographic animation of my life. I was stunned, flashed and had goose bumps all over. Since then, every time I was on youtube I tried to find it, but I didn’t remember who it made, the music.. This week the clip crossed my life again, this time on internet (in cinema it was better) – and it is still great. Unfortunately on the tiny screen it is difficult to fully appreciate the work, but for every type geek out there: this is for you.

I don’t know what drives the maker of “just watch the sky” but I really admire the work on this webpage (and the webpage’s name). You’ll find there a really cool music collection and above all the typographic realization of special phrases.

Great work!

And to finish this week with something my office really could need:

EepyBird's Sticky Note experiment from Eepybird on Vimeo.

;-) Have a good Friday and a better weekend, Belle

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