Freitag, 3. Oktober 2008

Jane Austen Season

It's Friday, please fasten seat belts and relax during our start into the weekend.

See the high quality version here, it's so beautiful!

Autumn is here officially, and in Italy we still have warm and sunny days, perfect to stay outside during the day to enjoy the season. Like every season also Autumn has its own joys: like the return of the tea, related sweets like apple tarts, harvest and extreme couching (read: stay excessive time on your couch/sofa) or do all these things together while reading a book or watching a movie while it’s raining outside. I decided to get some Jane Austen books for my next extreme couching session but this means I at least waiting until November, when weather gets bad even in Tuscany.
Then I stopped in my library and thought why wait?” and got the only Austen book available: Mansfield Park.

Even if it is considered the less romantic book in Austen’s work it still hooked me. And since I cannot have the fine English weather to read it in style I took the book to the park.

I wished I could have even dress up to fit the book’s story.

As I may enjoy reading books in the right ambience, others create the right world for books. Take the virtual tour to Jay Walker's Library.

So, I guess this weekend I will finish Austen and if I have time there will be Apple tart, too!

Have a good Friday and a better weekend, Belle
p.s. still here?

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