Freitag, 10. Oktober 2008

Some variations on one theme

This is a little collection of films that talk about one thing: love and all its different stages.
This collections has grown over the last year and I never knew in which post I should add them, so in the end I put them all together. Maybe this would be a perfect S. Valentine post, but I think in February everything will be rosy and we’ll have a love-overkill. I will make my Halloween post then for S. Valentine, ha ha!

Let’s start with dating:

And if dating goes terrible wrong:

But when you've found your soulmate you'd go through everything for them! Aaaaw!

After a while, a very long while, life gets symbiotic. I know people like this. I hope one day I will be one of them.

Or not. Then you just start over again! :-)

Have a nice Friday and a better weekend, Belle

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