Freitag, 24. Oktober 2008

It's getting rainy

Yes, finally autumn is really here and with it not only hot cocolate, but rain, too.
Weather forcast says that it will rain today in my surroundings, which means an umbrella is a must (if you are not the english type of guy who faces water from above with a hat and a stiff upper lip).
Personally I opt for Umbrella, every year I buy a new one (of low quality, that's why they last just one season), this time I wonder if I should invest some money and get something that screams up to the clouds: "ha! I don't care!"

or more an honest one?

Find your favorit here.

Fortunately Italy isn't really a rainy country, but when it rains it pours. The worst about rain in Italy is that streets aren't really designed to drain away quickly all the water so often you walk in puddles and even when I tried to hop from one spot to the others you always end up with completely soacked shoes and feet. I am thinking about getting wellies, but then you have to carry your "good shoes" with you and that's just what I want to avoid.

My secret dream: galoshes!
"Properly speaking, a galosh is an overshoe made of a weatherproof material to protect a more vulnerable shoe underneath and keep the foot warm and dry. (Wikipedia)" Have you ever seen some? I mean something that goes over your shoes and keeps you dry?

Search no further: they are here!

I think Swims are one of these products that you see and think: how could I live without before? They are genius! (Judging by the pictures. I never had one, never wore one and probably will not in nearer future.)

So, that is all you need for...

or maybe you prefer to stay in?

Have a good Friday and a better weekend! Belle

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