Freitag, 16. Januar 2009

The Vintage feel

The new year just started with all the blow of "shiny", "go" and "fresh"; but all I see around me has a Vintage feel. Which is completely ok with me, the real world is filled with new problems, but at least free time is packed with things that are new, but feel like old friends. Obviously a genius marketing trend.

Lets start with a stop-motion film made for 4th Estate by London’s Apt Studio.

(via Crblog)

You can see all the care and love for books in this film! Such a huge work.

more about it here and here.

But I really went nostalgic over Star Trek's 10 Cheesiest Classic Creatures by Wired Magazine.

It lists the greatest alien moments of the Classic Star Trek, with the right mixture of humour and scientific seriousness. I guess my favourites are the tribbles, they were just cute (but I remember that I really felt sad for the Salt Vampire...).

In music, the vintage feel is already well used. One of my latest finds is 'Gin' - These roses. When I saw the video I thought she is far too young for this kind of music, but well - I pretend is as old as she sounds. :-)

You get the song in high quality here, for free.

For more great songs, look at the site of Cloudberry Records. The quantity of cool songs is overwhelming - and I confess that I chose (and judged) by the cover, sooner or later I will go through all of them. Now tell me, mixtapes are dead (we call them "playlists" now).

Have a good Friday and a better weekend, Belle

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