Freitag, 26. Juni 2009

This site is down contemporary

My dear FiF readers! As my closest followers know, technologically I am almost amish. I am connected 9h to pc and internet at work, often more, so I never felt the need to install any lines at my home. I don’t even have cable tv. For private matters I used my office pc – correctly outside of paid hours.
Anyway, my company installed sever filters, which means that I am cut out to the wwworld until I don’t find another way to enter. And thus, FiF is down – contemporary.
I created this side over a year ago while I was in another company. We were a bunch of expat students and my inbox was loaded with the usual “see this on youtube” and “forward this funny pictures” – you get the picture. I found this really annoying but I thought, too, that in some way I had to return all these mails, because in the end, these guys tried to make me laugh during the day and hey, I needed it! So I saved the best I came across in internet during the week and prepared a Finally-its-Friday-email every Friday that shortly after became a blog. The spirit was always the same: make people feel better.
I hope you enjoyed it and come back when I’ll make my comeback. Thanks for everybody who dropped me a line – it always made my day when somebody appreciated my efforts. So, please, if you liked this blog, write an email to someone else’s blog you enjoy (you can send me something, too – but I won’t be able to read it until, well yes, until I have internet access again).
I think I’ll leave you here, now.

Have a good Friday and a better weekend. Belle
p.s. honestly? I will miss you! :* Belle

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