Freitag, 7. November 2008

Does your computer reach its full potential?

Probably not. Do you switch your pc off when you are in meetings? At lunch? No? Do you have any idea what your pc is doing with all its free time and energy?
You don’t? You should! We all know that if you don’t monitor the free time of these little, easily to impress machines, they can turn bad and mean. Can you be sure that your pc isn’t secretly planning to take over the world?
You think you know your pc and it would never do such thing?


Fiction is full of what is called the cybernetic revolt, the first which comes into my mind is the 2001 Hal 9000, but even recently with “I, robot” or “matrix” the theme has been discussed widely.

Anyway, I am writing this little introduction to remember you that you can use your pc for the good.

So, instead of letting your pc waste energy and contribute to global warming and the ozone hole you can join the World Community Grid and do something without actually doing nothing. That’s a deal, isn’t it!? ;-) And you can be sure that your pc is too occupied to take over the world… keep it busy, keep it good!

Now, to happier things: Finally it’s Friday turns 1! Yay!

A year of making your Fridays better! Thank you my precious readers who come from all over the world, Europe, the Americas, Middle East, thanks for being here and share your Friday with me! Have some cake this weekend (I prefer chocolate).

Some music to celebrate! (Actually I am listening to this in endless loop this week, it’s just beautiful, even if I don’t understand a word.)

Have a great Friday and an even better weekend, Belle

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